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Our Hajj Packages

Hajj Packages

We have carefully crafted our packages to provide you with the best experience on your Journey to the Blessed land. You will be accompanied and guided by our professional staff with wealth of experience who will take hassle our of your journey so that you can focus on one and only one thing – performing your Hajj.

Haji Tours take pride in our first rate services and arrangements from very beginning of Hajj process of applying visa, throughout Hajj journey to the end and arrival back home. We will be there for you at every step!

Hajj Rules

  • The first 4 seats on the coach must not be used by anyone except the group leaders and staff because they will need to show documents to the authorities and use the microphone to do announcements.
  • When getting on the coach please let the elderly, women and ill people get on first.
  • When getting of the coach and entering the hotel. Please help each other to take the luggage inside the hotel. The youngsters should help others morally.
  • Ladies should use the scarf or abaya provided by the company when visiting different ziyaraat or when travelling anywhere with the group. If they do not use the clothing provided and they get lost the group will not wait long for them and they will return back to the hotel using a taxi which will be paid by themselves
  • At the dining hall at the Aziziya building, there will be separatedareas for men and women. Men and women’s should sit separately all the time.
  • When food is given out priority should be given to the women and elderly.
  • Everyone should always wear a decent dress and the youngsters should never wear shorts or vests in public places
  • Those people who did not stay at the Mina tents due to illness or a valid excuse and are returning back to the Aziziya building will have to pay for their own food and any other expenditure due to payment already being paid for the group’s meals beforehand.
  • On 10thDhul Hijjah after returning back from Muzdalifah from the throwing stones, the group will be cut into 2 or 3 smaller groups. Please follow the road sings or follow the group sign etc flag or symbol to return back toAziziyabuilding. However if you do get separated or lost from the group please follow the signs and do not argue with the staff.
  • At the hotel check in time is 4pm and check out time is 12.30pm. Whenever you enter or leave the hotel the group must follow the Moallim or hotels management directions.
  • When buying a Sim card or anything else you must follow the Saudis rules. The best place is at the Jed Airport to buy a sim, please spread over to the different mobile phone shops and they will ask you your passport and finger prints, as in Makkah and Madinah these shops are very busy, Haji Tours will not take any responsibility if some one could not get the sim or sim will not be working.
  • In sharing rooms, the men are not allowed to enter the women’s side of the room
  • Local guests are also not allowed to enter the women room.
  • Haji Tours will not be responsible for any kind of delay either food, Transport, Hotel check in etc.
  • All Hujjaj must follow group leader instructions all the times.
  • All 5 star hotels in MAKKAH and MEDINAH are based on 2 beds in each room these beds are big beds, when we make these rooms to three or four beds, than the hotel provide extra beds, those are 3 by 6 feet singe beds therefore it is requested to those who are sharing triple or quod rooms will have to manage by them-selves the Haji Tours will not be responsible for any issue, this is up to the individuals to manage
  • In Aziziyadining room is separated for ladies and gents
  • In sharing rooms, we try to fit people as per the groups, some time your loved ones could not be in your room therefore you can mutually exchange the room
  • During the 5 days of hajj it is compulsory to stay in Muna camps, but due to ill health you may use the Aziziya building from 10th Zilhajjah to 12 Zilhajjah with your own expanse (food, wheelchair, transport)
  • If you want to do the stoning from Aziziya building than you can go after Asar prayer as the bus service is available from 10 munities walk from Aziziya (the group assistant will be provided)
  • ZIYARATS DAYS- please make sure come on time as we will not wait more the 15 minutes if some one late, than they will arrange their own transport for ziyarats, also stay together with the group and your family, it is very crowded at Ziyarats places
  • Makkah hotel and Madinah Hotels food standard and service are not same, Makkah all hotel food is very nice but the Madinah hotel food is average or some time below the average, you may notify us and also directly to the Hotel Manager, but we will not take any responsibility of food service or standard
  • Make sure when you packed your luggage for return flight, it must be accurate as every year at Airport people suffering for excess luggage therefore weight your luggage before your flight
  • If you could not find your luggage at airports, please make sure to report at Arrival and get the AHL report before you came out from airport
  • Mark your luggage with label and Name/address etc