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Terms and Conditions

Haji Tours Booking Conditions

These Booking Conditions, together with our privacy policy and any other written information we brought to your attention before we confirmed your booking, form the basis of your contract with ESure Travel trading as Haji Tours (“we” or “us”). Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. In these Booking Conditions references to “you” and ““your” include the first named person on the booking and all persons on whose behalf a booking is made or any other person to whom a booking is added or transferred.

We act in the following capacities: as a Umrah & Hajj Organizer, a Flight-Plus arranger and as an agent to help you to arrange individual flight only, accommodation only or other separate travel arrangements (Individual Tours). Our obligations to you vary depending upon which arrangements you book with us and whether we’re acting as a Tour Organizer, a Flight-Plus arranger or an agent, and we have tried to set them out below as clearly as possible.


A package exists if you book a pre-arranged combination of at least two of the following components when sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price and when the service covers a period of more than twenty-four hours or includes overnight accommodation:

1. Booking and Paying for Your Arrangements:-
  • A booking is made when you tell us that you would like to accept our written or verbal quotation;
  • You pay us the 50% deposit (or full payment if you’re booking within 62 days of departure);
  • You must pay the full balance by the balance due date notified to you
  • We issue you with a booking confirmation. We reserve the right to return your deposit and decline to issue a confirmation at our absolute discretion. A binding contract will come into existence between you and us as soon as we have issued you with a booking confirmation that will confirm the details of your booking and will be sent to you or your travel agent.

We rely on the information that you provide as being accurate and therefore cannot be held responsible if your e-tickets do not arrive due to an incorrect email address. You must inform us immediately of a change of address, telephone number, email address. It is highly recommended that you provide a mobile telephone number to us on booking as this will allow us to contact you more easily where a travel impacting event such as weather or civil unrest occurs.

Any money paid to an authorised agent of ours in respect of a booking covered by our ATOL is held by that agent on behalf of and for the benefit of the Trustees of the Air, but subject to the agent’s obligation to pay it to us for so long as we do not fail financially. If we do fail financially, the balance of the cost of your arrangements (including any applicable surcharge) is due not less than [72] days prior to scheduled departure. If we do not receive this balance in full and on time, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you in which case the cancellation charges apply.

2. Changes or cancel by customer:-

If you wish to change any part of your booking arrangements after our confirmation invoice has been issued, you must inform us in writing email or post as soon as possible. This should be done by the first named person on the booking. Whilst we will do our best to assist, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your requested change. Where we can meet a request, all changes will be subject to payment of an administration fee per person apply per change as well as any applicable rate changes or extra costs incurred as well as any costs incurred by ourselves and any costs or charges incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers. You should be aware that these costs could increase the closer to the departure date that changes are made, and you should contact us as soon as possible. Where we are unable to assist you and you do not wish to proceed with the original booking we will treat this as a cancellation by you. A cancellation fee may be payable. If you are prevented from travelling it may not be possible to transfer your booking to another suitable person.

Please note that this option will not be available for Hajj & Umrah.

Note: Certain arrangements may not be amended after they have been confirmed and any alteration could incur a cancellation charge of up to 100% of that part of the arrangements.

If you or any other member of your party decides to cancel your confirmed booking you must notify us in writing. Your notice of cancellation will only take effect when it is received in writing by us at our offices and will be effective from the date on which we receive it. Since we incur costs in cancelling your arrangements, you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges (The cancellation charge detailed is calculated on the basis of the total cost payable by the person(s) cancelling and amendment charges which are not refundable in the event of the person(s) to whom they apply cancelling):

3. If We Change or Cancel:-

It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your travel arrangements, but we do plan the arrangements many months in advance. Occasionally, we may have to make changes and we reserve the right to do so at any time. Most of these changes will be minor and we will advise you or your travel agent of them as soon as possible. We also reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your travel arrangements. For example, if the minimum number of clients required for a particular travel arrangement is not reached, we may have to cancel it. However, we will not cancel your travel arrangements less than 30 days before your departure date, except for reasons of force majeure or failure by you to pay the final balance.

Most alterations will be minor and while we will do our best to notify you or your travel agent of any changes as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before your departure, we will have no other liability to you. Examples of “minor changes” include the following when made before departure:

  • Any change in the advertised identity of the carrier(s), flight timings, and/or aircraft type.
  • A change of outward departure time or overall length of your Tour of twelve hours or less.
  • A change of accommodation to another of the same standard or classification.

Occasionally we may have to make a major change to your confirmed arrangements.” Examples of “major changes” include the following, when made before departure:

  • A change of accommodation area for the whole or a significant part of your time away.
  • A change of accommodation to that of a lower standard or classification for the whole or a significant part of your time away.
  • A change of outward departure time or overall length of your arrangements of twelve or more hours.
  • A change of UK departure airport
  • A significant change to your itinerary, missing out one or more destination entirely.

If we have to make a major change or cancel, we will tell you as soon as possible and if there is time to do so before departure, we will offer you the choice of:

  • (for major changes) accepting the changed arrangements,
  • having a refund of all monies paid; or
  • accepting an offer of alternative travel arrangements of comparable standard from us, if available (we will refund any price difference if the alternative is of a lower value).

You must notify us of your choice within 7 days of our offer. If you fail to do so we will assume that you have chosen to accept the change or alternative booking arrangements.

We will not pay you compensation in the following circumstances:

  • where we make a minor change;
  • where we make a major change or cancel your arrangements more than 30 days before departure;
  • where we have to cancel your arrangements as a result of your failure to make full payment on time;
  • where the change or cancellation by us arises out of alterations to the confirmed booking requested by you;
  • where we are forced to cancel or change your arrangements due to Force Majeure; or
  • we cancel your arrangements because the minimum number of participants to run the arrangements has not been reached,
  • (we will tell you if we have to cancel for this reason not less than 30 days before departure).

The above sets out the maximum extent of our liability for changes and cancellations and we regret we cannot meet any expenses or losses you may incur as a result of change or cancellation. Please note: where accommodation with a higher price than the original accommodation is offered by us and accepted by you, the difference in price will be pay. Accommodation is offered by us and accepted by you with a higher price than that originally booked in the same location where no additional payment is made by you.

If we become unable to provide a significant proportion of the services that you have booked with us after you have departed, we will make alternative arrangements for you at no extra charge and, if appropriate in all the circumstances,

3.1 / 4 Cancellation due to a Force Majeure event

If your booking cancels due to extraordinary circumstances such as wars, terrorist attacks, epidemics, natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, which have a substantial impact on the trip, and makes travel impossible for you.

In the event of such unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances as described above, it allows us to make significant changes to the booking arrangements , or to cancel, without having to compensate you. Similarly, you will be entitled to a refund but not be entitled to claim compensation against us for a failure to provide the services contracted for, if that failure was caused by unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.

Following the cancellation we will do our best to reach out to you via the email and contact number to outline the options and either refund you.

Therefore, unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances that occurred at the place of destination or in its immediate vicinity and which have a substantial impact on the execution of the package or on the transport of passengers to the destination, you will be entitled a refund of the amount paid minus a £30 administration fee, but you are not entitled to compensation as mentioned above.

Package holiday refund rules to be suspended

As the travel industry implodes because of the coronavirus crisis, rules on refunds for cancelled holidays are to be suspended.

Are eligible for Rebooking and Travel Voucher options:

Travel voucher for ticket value with a validity of 12 months from date of issue.

4. Disabilities and Medical Problems:-

We are not a specialist disabled Hajj and Umrah Tour Organization, but we will do our utmost to cater for any special requirements you may have. If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability which may affect your stay, please provide us with full details before we confirm your booking so that we can try to advise you as to the suitability of your chosen arrangements. We may require you to produce a doctor’s certificate certifying that you are fit to participate in the tour. Acting reasonably, if we are unable to properly accommodate the needs of the person(s) concerned, we will not confirm your booking or if you did not give us full details at the time of booking, we will cancel it and impose applicable cancellation charges when we become aware of these details.(We do not provide wheelchairs during Hajj and Umrah )

5. Complaints:-

We make every effort to ensure that your Hajj and Umrah Tour arrangements run smoothly but if you do have a problem during your Tour, please inform the relevant supplier (e.g. your hotelier) immediately who will endeavour to put things right. If your complaint is not resolved locally, please contact our Saudi Office or UK Offices. If the problem cannot be resolved and you wish to complain further, you must send formal written notice of your complaint to us on [email protected] within Your stay, giving your booking reference and all other relevant information. Please keep your letter concise and to the point. This will assist us to quickly identify your concerns and speed up our response to you. Failure to follow the procedure set out in this clause may affect ours and the applicable supplier’s ability to investigate your complaint and will affect your rights under this contract.

Because the contract for your arrangements is between you and the supplier/principal, any queries or concerns should be addressed to them. If you have a problem whilst on Hajj and Umrah Tour, this must be reported to the supplier/principal or their representative immediately. If you fail to follow this procedure there will be less opportunity for the supplier/principal to investigate and rectify your complaint. If you wish to complain when you return home, write to the supplier/principal. You will see their name and contact details in any confirmation documents we send.

6. Your Behaviour:-

All guests staying with us are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and acceptable manner and not to disrupt the enjoyment of other guests. If in our opinion or in the opinion of any hotel manager or any other person in authority, your behaviour or that of any member of your party is causing or is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to any of our other guests or any third party or damage to property, or to cause a delay or diversion to transportation, we reserve the right to terminate your booking arrangements with us immediately. In the event of such termination our liability to you and/or your party will cease and you and/or your party will be required to leave your accommodation or other service immediately. We will have no further obligations to you and/or your party. No refunds for lost accommodation or any other service will be made, and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of termination. You and/or your party may also be required to pay for loss and/or damage caused by your actions and we will hold you and each member of your party jointly and individually liable for any damage or losses caused by you or any member of your party. Full payment for any such damage or losses must be paid directly to the hotel manager or other supplier prior to departure from the hotel. If you fail to make payment, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as a result of your actions together with all costs we incur in pursuing any claim against you. We cannot be held responsible for the actions or behaviour of other guests or individuals who have no connection with your booking arrangements or with us.

7. Our responsibility for your booking :-

Your contract is with the supplier/principal and its booking conditions apply. As agent, we accept no responsibility for the actual provision of the arrangements. Our responsibilities are limited to making the booking in accordance with your instructions. We accept no responsibility for any information about the arrangements that we pass on to you in good faith. However, in the event that we are found liable to you on any basis whatsoever, our maximum liability to you is limited to twice the cost of the commission we earn on your booking (or the appropriate proportion of this if not everyone on the booking is affected). We do not exclude or limit any liability for death or personal injury that arises as a result of our negligence or that of any of our employees whilst acting in the course of their employment.

We will not be responsible or pay you compensation for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expense, cost or other claim.

8. The Company’s Obligation:

While booking you must acknowledge that there is a risk associated with the Hajj and Umrah. The risks include overcrowding in hotels and poor management of public places. You should be fit enough to travel for Hajj and Umrah you must take reasonable care for your own safety and the safety of other people in your group.

If any member of your group is injured or killed as a result of an element forming part of suppliers. The Company do not accept responsibility if the death, personal injury or failure of the arrangements is due to unforeseen circumstances which, even with all due care,

A: We assume no responsibility for any delay, change in schedule, loss, injury and damage to, or in respect to any persons or properties however caused or arising in connection with the services of any trains, vehicles, carriers, aircraft, motor or other conveyances or hotel which may use, whether wholly or in part in the performance of its duty to the passengers.

B: We also no liability whatsoever for acts of governments or other authorities, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, or from any causes beyond Haji Tours control, or from any loss or damage resulting from improper passports, visas or other documents.

C: Haji Tours will not be responsible for failure to follow instructions, including but not limited to check-in and check-out times and baggage handling.

D: Haji Tour takes, in the event of flight delay or miss connection, no responsibility of any additional costs due to delay or miss connection of confirm flights, baggage lost or delay or transit layover hotel accommodations. It is the responsibility of the airlines to determine exactly what procedure will be followed.

E: Customers are reminded that they remain responsible for any insurance they feel necessary e.g. health care, travel, and loss of goods.. (We are not provide any type of insurance )


We strongly advise you to make your own travel insurance for your peace of mind and to protect you against any unforeseen circumstances / cancellations

F: If your application for the Hajj or Umrah Visa is rejected due to personal circumstances, then you will be held responsible for all financial or consequential loss.

G: You are required to respect the privacy of others at all times, especially in the holy cities, by lowering your voices, avoiding arguments and not causing disorder whether in the group or within your rooms or in reception areas.

H: We will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or delay of luggage but will offer our full support and help if luggage is lost in trying to recover it. We will not be financially responsible for its replacement and neither responsible for the missing luggage paperwork and for the picking up and delivering of your luggage.

I: Each person will be responsible for their health costs, both from the illness and any consequences that arise, unless agreed in by us

J: All activities during Hajj / Umrah i.e. Ziarat, pelting the Jamaraats, etc will be conducted and performed in a form of a group, so therefore please co-operate by not wandering off on your own or by forming your own personal group.

K: We use the hotel grading (e.g. 4 or 5 Star) as approved by the Saudi authorities. These may not exactly correspond to those used in Europe.

L: Anything not included within the standard package offer, will need to be paid for separately. If you have any special or specific requirements you must inform us at the time of booking, or we may not be able to arrange the required facilities.

M: No documents will be posted out to applicants due to danger of loss and delay. If you insist on posting documents, any consequential loss/delay is your responsibility.

N: It is your duty to ensure you have the relevant documents.

Haji Tours are not liable or responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings or luggage. Luggage lost/damaged by the airline, hotel, or transport services (transport provided by the Saudi government During Hajj) will not be compensated by Hajj & Umrah Tours..


For an additional cost, we offer a visa service in which we will apply on your behalf for Umrah visas to Saudi Arabia. It is your responsibility to check and fulfil the passport, visa, health and immigration requirements applicable to the Hajj or Umrah package and required for the issuance of the visa. We are unable to guarantee that that any visa will be granted and consequently accept no liability whatsoever for any refusal or delay in obtaining your Umrah visa You must check requirements for your own specific circumstances and your own doctor as applicable. We reserve the right to claim from you any associated costs incurred by us as a result of the delay or refusal. We are also not liable for any delay in obtaining Umrah visa due to misplace/lost of passport in embassy. We are not liable if the embassy keeps the passport for longer period due to additional checks. You must pay the Approval Charges of £70/ Per Passport, which are non-refundable, once your application is approved.

Note: We are not liable for any changes in legislation regarding Visas by the government of Saudi Arabia. Umrah visas are subject to any last-minute changes by the government of Saudi Arabia, In the event of any changes by the government or unforeseen reasons as a result of which you’re not issued with a visa, we are not liable for any refunds of part or full payment of the Hajj or Umrah package or any other product or services you have booked. All bookings made by you prior to obtaining your visa are done so with this risk in mind.

1. Conditions of Suppliers

Many of the services which make up your booking are provided by independent suppliers. Those suppliers provide these services in accordance with their own terms and conditions which will form part of your contract with us. Some of these terms and conditions may limit or exclude the supplier’s liability to you, usually in accordance with applicable International Conventions. Copies of the relevant parts of these terms and conditions are available on request from us or the supplier concerned

2. Advance Passenger Information

A number of Governments are introducing new requirements for air carriers to provide personal information about all travellers on their aircraft to the Authorities before the aircraft leaves the UK. The data will be collected either at the airport when you check in or in some circumstances when, or after you make your booking. Accordingly, you are advised to allow extra time to check in for your flight. Where we collect this data, we will treat it in accordance with our privacy policy.

3. Foreign Office Advice

You are responsible for making yourself aware of Foreign Office advice and State Department warnings in regard to the safety of the countries and areas in which you will be travelling and to make your decisions accordingly. Advice from the Foreign Office to avoid or leave a particular country may constitute Force Majeure

4. Reconfirming return/onward flights

It is your responsibility to ensure you follow ALL RECONFIRMATION INSTRUCTIONS which will be shown EITHER on the FRONT of the Invoice or on your travel documents. We will not be liable for any additional costs due to your failure to reconfirm the flights.

5. Documents Despatch

Travel documents will be sent by email. It is your responsibility to check that all travel documents issued are correct. Any inaccuracies must be notified to us immediately. If you do not contact us immediately we cannot accept any liability and any changes may incur additional cost as applicable. The address for sending all documentation will be that given at the time of booking unless requested otherwise. Travel documents will not be sent until we receive the full payment in the cleared funds. Sending travel documents by post or fax is subject to company’s discretion and will involve additional cost. We will not take any responsibility of document not being delivered or delayed due to the wrong postal or email address given at the time of booking. Documents will normally be despatched 7 days before departure. N.B. For bookings made within 14 days of departure it may be necessary for you to collect air tickets at the airport we will notify you for the same in advance. Any other vouchers will be posted /faxed or emailed to you direct. For additional security scheduled airline tickets are usually sent by special Delivery. And in this event, this is your responsibility to ensure receipt collection. Late bookings may also require special Delivery/Courier delivery of documents in which case the appropriate charges will have been advised at the time of booking. We will not take responsibility for the document delayed not delivered in post due to strike or in Royal Mail or due to public holidays It is your responsibility to make sure you make alternate arrangements to collect your travel document in these situations.

6. Privacy Policy

Your right to privacy is very important to us and we recognise that when you choose to provide us with information about yourself, you trust us to act in a responsible manner. We believe this information should only be used to help us provide you with better service and that’s why we have put a policy in place to protect your personal information.

We will not provide any of your personal information obtained via the web to other companies or individuals unless required to by law. Whenever you provide sensitive Our website may provide links to third party sites. Since we do not control those websites, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third-party sites.


A) It is your responsibility:
  • To ensure that you understand and are aware of the rituals of your Umrah and Hajj and how to perform them.
  • To be aware that during peak season, particularly the Ramadan period, because of the huge numbers of people on pilgrimages and the problems of overcrowding, your room facilities or furniture may be different. We are unable to prevent this from occurring on occasion and accept no liability for it as it completely outside our control.
  • To be aware, particularly at the time of the Ramadan, flights and destination airports can sometimes be altered at the last minute. We have no control over this and you should accept that this could happen to you.
  • To understand that Saudi Arabia is not subject to the same health and safety regulations that exists in the UK and Europe. In many areas, the operation of certain amenities and facilities may be subject to local licensing laws or religious pilgrimage. Maintenance and local energy conservation measures may mean that the hotel or apartment limits certain facilities, e.g. air conditioning or water supplies. In addition, unusual weather conditions may cause electricity failure. We will not be liable for any damage or losses arising from this. In most cases this leads to a useful experience, but you should be aware that accommodation in apartments and hotels is provided on a shared basis (unless appropriate extra fee has been paid and this is stated on your confirmation). All information about the hotels has been provided by those hotels and may not have been verified by us. All hotel rooms have private bathrooms, but you should be aware that the sizes of the rooms are usually smaller than those in the UK and Europe.
  • The meals are provided on a self-service basis in hotels and apartments. You should be aware that the food served is local food and may vary from day to day.
  • Compulsory Vaccination – It is your responsibility that you should take vaccination against meningococcal meningitis, as per Saudi government requirements, vaccination against meningococcal meningitis is compulsory for all local and international Hajj pilgrims. Vaccination should be taken at least 10 days before you arrive into the country. All travellers performing Umrah and Hajj must attach a valid certificate of vaccination with their passports stating that the traveller is vaccinated 10 days prior to their arrival in Saudi Arabia, Vaccination is mandatory for all adults also for children above 2 years

When you make booking with us you acknowledge there is an element of risk associated with pilgrimage particularly in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj. These include overcrowding in hotels, on all forms of transport and poor management of the public places. These risks can also include the risk of injury or illness in remote places without medical facilities. You must be fit enough to undertake the pilgrimage and you must exercise reasonable care for your own safety and the safety of other members in your group.

  • You are solely responsible for your travel/health insurance arrangements. We do not offer any travel/health insurance.
  • We shall not be liable for any delay in performing Hajj rites or for failure to perform Hajj rites in the delay or failure result from circumstances beyond our control.
  • The Travel Team Ltd. will not take any responsibility for safeguarding the property of individuals at any time during the journey nor for any loss or damage of any property, except where such loss or damage is a direct result of our negligence.
Passport, Visa and Immigration Requirements and Health Formalities

It is your responsibility to check and fulfil the passport, visa, health and immigration requirements applicable to your itinerary. We can only provide general information about this. You must check requirements for your own specific circumstances with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates and your own doctor as applicable. Requirements do change, and you must check the up to date position in good time before departure.

For Saudi Arabia require passports to be valid for at least 6 months after your return date. If your passport is in its final year, you should check with the Embassy of the country you are visiting.