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Hajj Delegation Medical Support

British Hajj Delegation Medical Support

The British Hajj Delegation a not-for-profit charity provides ‘on the ground’ medical advice, support and basic GP treatment during the days of Hajj in Mina. The clinical services are usually operational for around 3 weeks. During Hajj 2009/1430 there were approximately 23,000 British pilgrims performing Hajj and in total almost 3000 patients were supported within the three weeks


Each year up to eight Doctors volunteer to take part in the British Hajj Delegation’s medical team. The Doctors are all General Practioners (GP’s), fully qualified and practice in the United Kingdom. Furthermore they are all registered with the British Medical Association (BMA), the body responsible for overseeing medical practice in the UK. The team of Doctors consist of both male and female Doctors.

All the Doctors are volunteers and therefore are not paid for their time and work. Many of the Doctors need to find a locum (Doctor providing temporary cover) at their own costs to cover their work whilst they are away from their surgeries or clinics.


The first point about the clinic is that it is a free service and run entirely by volunteer Doctors. The clinic in Makkah is set up in hotel rooms. They are very basic and are not intended to replicate a GP’s surgery in the UK. The clinic is usually open for around 14 to 16 hours every day leading to the actual days of Hajj and again for a few days after Hajj. However please do check the opening times when in Makkah. There is usually a separate consultation room for males and females. There is a short form to fill in before seeing the Doctor, copies of which are available at the British Hajj Delegation’s base.

The clinic is then relocated to Mina during the actual days of Hajj. In Mina clinic is normally located in the “Europa” camp. However do check with us in Makkah before the Hajj days. The clinic does not operate on the Day of Arafat and the following morning back in Mina.

Medication is either provided free of charge or you will be given the name of the medicine to purchase from the numerous pharmacies in Makkah.