Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May the peace and blessing of Allah SWT be upon you all.

As you all are aware, we are going through unprecedented and testing times.

We are sure of day to day changes and happenings due to the Covid-19. Umrah has been suspended until further notice by the Saudi authorities and the Hajj and Umrah Ministry. And we have not heard anything about the Hajj 2020 yet, whether it is going ahead or will be suspended this year Allah forbid. We are awaiting confirmation from the Hajj Ministry and once we find out we will be informing you our valued clients about our next procedure Inshallah.

We are working hard to try and assist customers as quickly as possible and would like to apologise for any inconvenience. However, the financial market is totally crashed, and we NOT received any refund from hotels, visa and transport department in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we would recommend our customers not to cancel the Umrah trip and postpone it to next year or next available term.

So far, most of the airlines have made refunds to our online accounts and not via bank transfers hence giving cash or cheque is not possible now, it will take some time to process.

Are eligible for Rebooking and Travel Voucher options:

Travel voucher for ticket value with a validity of 12 months from date of issue.

Customers with flight bookings for travel on or before 30 June 2020 can rebook their flights to any destination within the same region without a rebooking fee or paying fare difference.

Meanwhile, we would like to thank customers for their patience and ask you all to please cooperate with Haji Tours and have faith and trust in Allah SWT, only He can get us through these troubled times. Inshallah.

We will be continuing to issue alerts throughout our Social Media channels addressing the key concerns that clients may have with respect to Coronavirus.

On behalf of all of us at Haji Tours, we wish you and your loved ones to stay well during this Pandemic.

The entire Haji Tours Team.

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Holy sites to visit in and around Makkah include;

Ghar E Hira: First revelation of the Holy Quran was on this holy site, one of many holy sites in Makkah.

Ghar E Suhr: (The cave where the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and Harzat Abu Bakr Siddiq rested in this place on the night of hijrah). A must for the ziyarat.
Birthplace of beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ,(now a library). One of the closest of holy sites to haram.

Jable E rehmat: Where first prophet Adam and his wife Hawa found one another after being placed on earth.

Jannatul Mualla: Graveyard in makkah, the resting place of many of the close family of RasulAllah Sallaahualayhi wasalam including his beloved mother, son, wife, uncles and grandfather.

Minah, Muzdalifah, Arafat: Places of the rukns of Hajj

Masjid E Nimra: (Arafat)

Makkah Museum: Situated about 10 minutes drive away from Haram, on old Jeddah road.

Holy sites to visit in and around Madina include;

Masjid E Quba: First Masjid built

Jannat Al Baqi: Resting place of thousands of the companions and family of RasulAllah SallahuAlayhiwasalam.

Uhud: Place of the battle of Uhud

Jabal E Uhud: Resting place during battle

Masjid E Nabawi Library: Located inside the Masjid Nabwi, on the west side wall

Badr: ( About 2 hrs drive from Madinah) (place of battle of badr)

Masjid E Juma: (Place where Surah was revealed and first Jummah prayer was read)

Masjid E Qiblatain: Where Allah swt ordered for the qibla to change towards Makka