Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May the peace and blessing of Allah SWT be upon you all.

As you all are aware, we are going through unprecedented and testing times.

We are sure of day to day changes and happenings due to the Covid-19. Umrah has been suspended until further notice by the Saudi authorities and the Hajj and Umrah Ministry. And we have not heard anything about the Hajj 2020 yet, whether it is going ahead or will be suspended this year Allah forbid. We are awaiting confirmation from the Hajj Ministry and once we find out we will be informing you our valued clients about our next procedure Inshallah.

We are working hard to try and assist customers as quickly as possible and would like to apologise for any inconvenience. However, the financial market is totally crashed, and we NOT received any refund from hotels, visa and transport department in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we would recommend our customers not to cancel the Umrah trip and postpone it to next year or next available term.

So far, most of the airlines have made refunds to our online accounts and not via bank transfers hence giving cash or cheque is not possible now, it will take some time to process.

Are eligible for Rebooking and Travel Voucher options:

Travel voucher for ticket value with a validity of 12 months from date of issue.

Customers with flight bookings for travel on or before 30 June 2020 can rebook their flights to any destination within the same region without a rebooking fee or paying fare difference.

Meanwhile, we would like to thank customers for their patience and ask you all to please cooperate with Haji Tours and have faith and trust in Allah SWT, only He can get us through these troubled times. Inshallah.

We will be continuing to issue alerts throughout our Social Media channels addressing the key concerns that clients may have with respect to Coronavirus.

On behalf of all of us at Haji Tours, we wish you and your loved ones to stay well during this Pandemic.

The entire Haji Tours Team.

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Hajj Package Itinerary
Hajj Shifting Package

22 Days Super Deluxe (Hajj Package 2020)

  • Makkah Hotel: Hilton Suite Makkah
  • Madina Hotel: PullMan Zamzam
  • Package Code: 22 Days VIP Makkah First
  • Availability: Booking now…
  • Price From: £6395

Package Details

  • Direct Flight Saudi  Airline
  • Hajj Visa & Draft
  • VIP European Jipsam Tent in Mina with Sofa Bed & Extra Air-conditioning (Full Board)
  • Air Condition VIP Tent in Arafat (Full Board)
  • Full Board in Mina
  • Full Saudi Internal Transfers
  • Ziyarat in Makkah & Madina
  • Qurbani
  • Ehram / Ladies Scarf
  • Shoe Bag & Stone Bag
  • Hajj Guide Books
  • 5 Ltr. Zam Zam (in return)
  • Pre Hajj Seminar in Azizia
  • Tawaf e Ziarat & Tawaf e Wida Transport


  • Departure: 14th July 2020
  • Return: 5th August 2020
  • Hajj Visa Included
  • 22 Days Duration
  • Full Transport
  • Hotels
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  • Quad


    per person
  • Triple


    per person
  • Double


    per person

22 Days Itenrary - With Aziziyah (Hajj 2020 / 1441)

  • Day 2020 1441 Activity Meals
  • Day 1 English Date 14th July Islamic Date 23rd Zilqaidah Departure from Manchester Airport -
  • Day 2 English Date 15th July Islamic Date 24th Zilqaidah Arrival at Jed Airport. Expect approximately 7 hours for immigration formalities. Thereafter 2 to 3 hours bus journey to Makkah. Check in at Hilton Suites Hotel – perform umrah with group or individual Breakfast & dinner.
  • Day 3 English Date 16th July Islamic Date 25th Zilqaidah Hilton Suites. rest day –if permitted Ziyarat of holy sites in MAKKAH by bus. Time of the tour will be notified. Breakfast & dinner.
  • Day 4 English Date 17th July Islamic Date 26thZilqaidah Hilton Suites Free day. Breakfast & dinner.
  • Day 5 English Date 18th July Islamic Date 27th Zilqaidah Hilton Suites Free day. Breakfast & dinner.
  • Day 6 English Date 19th July Islamic Date 28th Zilqaidah Hilton Suites. Free day. Before Esha pack your luggage and leave it outside your hotel room, for our staff to collect it for loading. Breakfast & dinner.
  • Day 7 English Date 20th July Islamic Date 29th Zilqaidah Departure from Hilton Suites to Jed Airport for Medinah Pulman Zamzam by Air Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 8 English Date 21st July Islamic Date 30th Zilqaidah Pullman Zamzam (Ziyaarat of Masjid e Nabawi) by foot, see the holy sites and enjoy the scenes. Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 9 English Date 22nd July Islamic Date 1 st Zilhajjah PULLMAN ZAMZAM. City Ziyaarat by bus. Meet in the hotel reception for 7am, bus will depart 8am (subject to traffic congestion). Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 10 English Date 23rd July Islamic Date 2nd Zilhajjah Free Day Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 11 English Date 24th july Islamic Date 3rd Zilhajjah PULLMAN ZAMZAM. Free day. After Esha prayers, please leave your packed luggage outside your hotel room, for our staff to collect. You will be notified the time of departure for AZIZIYA. Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 12 English Date 25th july Islamic Date 4th Zilhajjah Rest Day Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Day 13 English Date 26th July Islamic Date 5th Zilhajjah Depart by bus for AZIZIYA (MAKKAH). AZIZIYA accommodation is basic, No room service, towels. Buffet style meals in the dinning / sitting area on the ground floor of the building. Hot and cold drinks available 24 hours in the dining area. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Day 14 English Date 27th July Islamic Date 6 th Zilhajjah AZIZIYA. Compulsory HAJJ lecture in English, all group members MUST attend. Questions and answers session afterwards. Time of lecture will be notified. Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Day 15 English Date 28th July Islamic Date 7 th Zilhajjah Departure for Muna - After Esha, transfer to MINA. Transport provided by Muaallam, time of departure to be notified. On arrival in MINA tent, All QASSAR prayers with Jamaat. A sofa bed, pillow and sheet for each. Hot and cold drinks available 24 hours. PACKED Breakfast, lunch & dinner in the tent.
  • Day 16 English Date 29th July Islamic Date 8th Zilhajjah MUNA. Stay in MINA, all prayers QASSAR with Jamaat and do plenty of Zikkar. Breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Day 17 English Date 30th July Islamic Date 9th Zilhajjah Muna to ARAFAT by transport provided by Muaallam. In ARAFAT pray QASSAR Zohar and ASR together. After Maghreb depart by transport provided by Muaallam to MUZDILAFAH. Hajj officials will notify our departure time. After arriving in MUZDALIFAH, pray QASSAR Maghreb and Esha together. Spend the night under the sky doing Zikkar. Refreshments will be provided here. Breakfast & Lunch in Arafat. Refreshments in Muzdalifah only.
  • Day 18 English Date 31st July Islamic Date 10th Zilhajjah Tawaf e Ziyarah: -After Fajar prayers from MUZDALIFAH to MUNA by bus, then 2 miles from MUNA to JAMARAH, another 2 miles from JAMARAH to AZIZIYA. Total walking distance of approximately 4 miles. After Asar prayers, by bus to HARAM for Twaaf e Ziyaarat. After Esha by bus from HARAM back to AZIZIYA. HAJI TOURS have no control over expected delays, due to traffic congestion Lunch & dinner.
  • Day 19 English Date 1st Aug Islamic Date 11th Zilhajjah After Asar prayers, STRICTLY with the group, walk from AZIZIYA to JAMARAH and then onto MUNA. Breakfast, lunch & Dinner in MUNA
  • Day 20 English Date 2nd Aug Islamic Date 12th Zilhajjah After breakfast by bus from MUNA to AZIZIYA. The Moalam will provide one bus for Aziziyah from Muna, elderly and children will move first After Asar walk to JAMARAH and return to AZIZIYA with group Breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Day 21 English Date 3rd Aug Islamic Date 13th Zilhajjah Rest day Breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Day 22 English Date 4th Aug Islamic Date 14th Zilhajjah Tawaf e Widdah: - After Zohar by bus to HARAM for Twaaf e Widdah and return back to AZIZIYA. Pack your luggage ready for departure to Jeddah Airport at 10pm Breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Day 23 English Date 5 th Aug Islamic Date 15th Zilhajjah Jed Airport Departure from Aziziya to Jed Apt By bus After Esha. Please make sure your luggage will be as per your Airlines allowance -

All packages are subject to availability, Airline schedules and Haji Tours Terms and Conditions….

We strongly advise you to make your own travel insurance for your peace of mind and to protect you against any unforeseen circumstances / cancellation..

We are not provide any type of insurance.