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Cheap Umrah Packages

July Deluxe Umrah Packages 2023

July brings scorching heat in the deserts of Saudia, and Umrah pilgrims have to be very conscious about the hotel they choose. Also internal movement can be a problem if there is no air-conditioned transportation. But you don’t need to worry, if you choose a package from Haji tours’ July Umrah packages 2021.

Yes, once again Haji tours have been a step ahead of others when it comes to serving Hajjis and Umrah zaireen, the guests of Allah. Haji tours’ affordable July Umrah packages for 2021 are offering best prices with top-notch services to make your Umrahs free of any kind of problem.

Haji tours ensure that their client’s are guided by qualified individuals throughout the Umrah journey and their visit to historical places. For internal transportation, Umrah performers have the luxury of air-conditioned buses which take them to historical places for ziyarat with no additional price.

Three different packages, namely Super Deluxe, Deluxe and Economy - offered for 10,12 or 14 nights stay. No matter which package you choose for your umrah visit, services remain of top-notch quality.

‘May you be a regular visitor of Madinah with Haji tours.’

Following things are included in these packages.

Hotels we offer vary from package to package.

For Super Deluxe, we offer 5 Star hotels in both holy cities:

In Deluxe, we offer 4 star hotels:

And in the Economy package, we accommodate you in: